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Block Prints

Limited Editions
Block printing is perhaps the oldest form of relief printing.
An image or design is hand cut into a block of wood and then hand rubbed onto paper or other specialty material.

As shown: Parabola Series (16×20 black cap frame)

Due to the nature of hand printing it allows for each print to be unique.

Itinerant offers multiple collections with each having their own dimensions, paper/material options, and color ways.

Standard Hardware: Wire

Framing: In Stock + Custom options

Block Prints


Colorized (30%)

Vintage Book Covers






16x20 Urban, Circles, Parabola



All listed above with cap frame:

($360 w/cap frame)

($425 w/cap frame)

Valley & Trees 34.5”x12.5”

$565 (740 w/cap frame)

$735 (910 w/cap frame)

Everything is framed with glare-free acrylic