Our Process

One of the best parts of having our artwork produced in-house is the ability to play and be creative with our materials and techniques.

We can get an idea on Tuesday, and by Thursday we are looking at a finished piece. In addition, it allows us to let our clients be creative and come up with ideas that we can implement and sample out – quickly and without the added expense.

Producing in-house also gives us the chance to try out new materials – especially ones that are locally produced or are environmentally sound.

Some quick facts about some of the products we use.

Birch Wood:

  • Sustainably harvested core
  • Formaldehyde-free
  • Responsibly made in the United States
  • Purchased from a company only 2 miles from our studio.

Aluminum Panels:

  • Recycled aluminum
  • Recycled rubber core


  • UV cured ink on all panel prints (wood, aluminum, etc)

Framing Supplies:

  • Foam Core Board Made in Columbus, Ohio. (only 45 miles from our studio)
  • Nearly all framing supplies are purchased from a Columbus, Oh supplier.

Shipping materials:

  • Reuse of many of our packing materials.
  • Kraft paper is 100% recycled.