Fernando Romero

Where are you from?

I was born and raised on a mountain in El Salvador. I remember growing up during the civil war. I grew up riding horses and climbing mango and tamarind trees.

Where do you live now?

At the Harman Rock Garden House

Kids, Partners, Pets, Siblings?

Achilles Frijol Romero is the one and only pet I’ve ever had in the US

What do you like to do when you aren’t at the studio?

I very much enjoy cooking and traveling.

What do you do at Itinerant Studio?

I do all the wood projects, some printing, and packaging as needed. I also take part in the artistic process and creative decisions made for trade shows.

How did you end up at Itinerant?

A mutual friend of Vicki, Tom, and I made the connection. Vicki and Tom were looking to hire someone and I had just moved to Yellow Springs and was looking for work.

What make Itinerant special?

Itinerant Studio is a small manufacturing studio with a big heart. We create beautiful art and are always exploring and experimenting on new materials to print on.

Favorite Food?

Other than my own Comida Latina, I love Japanese, Thai and Korean food.

Favorite Cocktail?

The chili martini with bourbon from Season’s Bistro.